Providing quality milking equipment and unsurpassed service to dairies 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“Automated Dairy has a lot of depth and diversified people in their portfolio that can help with anything from milk pumps, to high bacteria and somatic cell counts.”

- David Gerratt, Midway Dairy

“The Automated Dairy staff, in Arizona, has taken really good care of us.”

- Craig Caballero, Caballero Dairy

“We’ve been with Automated Dairy for a long time and we’ve always had a good relationship with them. They do a good job on all our repairs, service and everything that we need.”

- Ken Boer, Boer Dairy LLC

Our technicians are top of the line and so is our service.

Barn installs and remodels with today’s leading equipment and technology.

We carry today’s leading equipment and represent the industries best manufactures.

We offer a full dairy chemical product line and perform regular parlor audits to make sure your dairy is performing at full capacity.

Use TURBOWASH to control and monitor your milk storage and pipeline wash as well as other vital process’ in your dairies daily operation.