Each of our locations has a fully trained salesman who specializes in new equipment sales. Our salesmen are readily available to assist you with your new barn/parlor or any remodel needs.


Our patent pending, fully automated pre/post application system.

TURBOSPRAY provides consistent application, helps reduce labor and increases your barns throughput.

Our system can be installed in new or existing barns to unsure your cows are getting the protection they need.

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Use the TURBOWASH MAX to control and monitor your milk storage and pipeline wash as well as other vital process’ in your dairy’s daily operation.

Our engineers will create the TURBOWASH for your specific parlor no matter the size of the operation. They are simple to operate, user friendly and powerful enough to conform to any dairy.

Comes in three versions: TURBOWASH, TURBOWASH+ and the top of line TURBOWASH Max. Each can be customized to fit your parlor needs.

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CowScout devices for neck or leg reliably inform you, around the clock, when your cows are ready for insemination.

Get accurate heat detection and valuable eating time data to better manage your herd.

Convenient alert functions ensure that you never miss an activity report.

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Teat prep is streamlined

Helps your bottom line

Can help lower somatic cell count

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Teatwand is an effective and reliable teat sprayer that allows you to confidently make your rotary dairy a one person operation.

The concept behind Teatwand is to deliver teat spray evenly to all four teats.

The Teatwand offers highly accurate yet affordable solution to automatic teat spraying on a rotary dairy milking platform.

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Automated Dairy Systems

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