At Automated Dairy we have the best trained professionals in the industry including: service and scheduled maintenance technicians, sanitation and parlor procedure specialists, system design and installation teams, parlor automation engineers and support staff.

If you’re looking for a new build, remodel or upgrade, Automated Dairy is dedicated to helping dairy families get the most out of their herd.

Here at Automated Dairy we don’t just focus on increasing milk production. Our goal is to focus on the entire milk production, from cow health, milk monitoring, labor savings, proper hygiene, custom PLC’s, automation and everything in between.

We want your dairy to run as efficiently as possible whether 25 cows or 1 million cows, we will work to make sure you’re producing to the maximum capability.

Service and Maintenance

Our technicians are top of the line and so is our service. If there is a problem, we can fix it. Give us a call. If you’re not satisfied, neither are we.

Our technicians are trained and certified in a variety of disciplines including: manufacturer specific, refrigeration, air systems, specialized welding, etc.

Technicians, along with other personnel, are trained in proper milking procedures, mastitis control and optimal system parameters.

Automated Dairy offers scheduled preventative maintenance programs to help monitor key systems and keep them running at optimal levels.

A scheduled maintenance program can help prevent major system breakdowns and costly down time. We maintain a large parts inventory at all locations to help get the job done faster.

Install and Remodel

Our goal is to help you have a fully automated parlor and that is achieved with careful planning before the installation process. We take a look at the layout of your facility and use the latest equipment and technology to create a dairy farm that yields efficient milking.

There are a lot of benefits that come with converting or upgrading your existing parlor into a more efficient milking facility. Automated Dairy can help upgrade outdated equipment, meet sanitary and safety regulations and improving cow comfort.

We carry today’s leading equipment and represent the industries best manufactures such as GEA, BouMatic, Mueller, Waikato and many others.

Anything we do is 100% complete, professional grade, performance optimized and service friendly.

Supply/Route Services

We offer a full dairy chemical product line and perform regular parlor audits to make sure your dairy is performing at full capacity.

We have system sanitizing and animal hygiene products to match any condition and we know how to use them. Most of our products are made in our manufacturing warehouse to ensure safety and that you’re receiving the highest quality product possible.

We carry a full line of inflation’s, hose, filters and other consumables. We can match them to your needs for both an efficient and cost effective solution.

Our route sales representatives are “ProMilk” specialists. They specialize in system and animal hygiene, mastitis control and troubleshooting procedures.

We will be on your dairy regularly to monitor product levels and system performance.


Simply put it, we are out spraying the competition. TURBOSPRAY, our patent pending, fully automated pre/post application system tracks each individual cow to precisely spray her as she enters and/or exits the milking parlor.

Our systems is proven to help reduce labor, increase throughput and have a consistent application each time. TURBOSPRAY can be easily retrofitted into any barn to give you the peace of mind your herd is getting the best protection they need.

With TURBOSPRAY you will also receive text and email alerts, check daily usage, remote access and maintenance/service requests are sent directly to an Automated Dairy technician.


Use TURBOWASH to control and monitor your milk storage and pipeline wash as well as other vital processes in your dairy’s daily operations. You can be assured that they will be done right every time, virtually eliminating “human error” from the equation.

TURBOWASH provides you valuable information and report on all of your monitored systems. It maintains a history of such key indicators as: milk temperature, water temperature, total milk production, wash cycles, system bypasses, alarms and many more.

When system conditions don’t meet TURBOWASH defined operating standards, you are immediately notified. By catching problems while they are still minor you can prevent them from becoming large and costly.

TURBOWASH controlled systems can be monitored and adjusted to ensure optimal performance. Milk system wash up duration can be reduced while still ensuring a complete cleaning of your systems. This will maximize your dairy’s production time and at the same time help you maintain high milk quality.

TURBOWASH built in security features allow you to give differing levels of system control to your key personnel. This gives your managers the control they need but prevents others from bypassing alarms or skipping key processes. It can also alert you of problems or conditions whether you are at the barn or on the golf course.

Goat/Sheep Milking

Automated Dairy provides the latest technology and easy-to-use components to ensure a reliable milking performance for your goat and sheep farm.

All our equipment is gentle, low vacuum systems that is ruggedly built for a long life. The milking equipment’s optical design promotes udder health and milk quality, and of course modular construction for economic and efficient upgrades.