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Midway Dairy

Automated Dairy installed 18 GEA Monoboxes at Midway Dairy in Declo, Idaho. The state-of-the-art barn will be the first of it’s kind in the area.

The GEA Monobox gives professional dairy producers the greatest advantages in automated milking, accommodating up to 70 cows per box. That frees up resources to make your daily planning and routines more flexible and effective.

The Monobox milking stall module guarantees outstanding throughput, performing the entire milking process within the protective teat cup

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Friends Dairy

Automated Dairy would like to thank and congratulate Nick and Jacob Deruyter of Friends Dairy, Caldwell, ID., for choosing us to install their new GEA AutoRotor™ PerFormer CX360

The AutoRotor™ PerFormer CX360 is taking rotary parlor innovation to the next level with its sleek new design, increased labor efficiency, and improved cow comfort.

The rotary features a revolutionary roller system that keeps the platform on-center milking after milking, reducing friction, extending roller longevity and reducing maintenance needs.

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Boer Dairy

Automated Dairy would like to thank Boer Dairy LLC for choosing us to install the largest ADF5 milking system to date. The double-50 parlor in Wendell, ID. is equipped with the latest technology by ADF.

The ADF Milking dipping and flushing system is an award winning product that is helping farmers improve the health of their herds.

It reduces the number of mastitis cases, saves time, saves money and increases the efficiency of the milking parlor.

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Hay-Del Dairy

Automated Dairy helped transform a 50-year-old barn by installing GEA Apex AutoPuls Apex Z pulsators, milk wash vat with variable speed drive, and numerous other products to help with the automation of Hay-Del Dairy.

One of the pieces of equipment that Herkie and Whitney Alves are most impressed with is the EPIC. Automated Dairy’s PLC has become the gold standard for complete dairy automation and at Hay-Del Dairy they are taking full advantage of the system.

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J & V Dairy

Durable, polished stainless steel cabinet prevents corrosion and contamination.

Insulated stainless steel storage tank includes an external sight glass to indicate fluid level and a 20 mesh screen on the outlet to prevent particles from entering the pump and heat exchange.

Compact and easy to install for varying applications.

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High Plains Dairy

This 110 stall rotary is the largest BouMatic rotary ever built.

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Hurtado Dairy

Automated Dairy remodeled Hurtado Dairy #1 from a twin pit double-20 herringbone to a twin pit double-25 parallel.

New pipeline and wash line with sanitary stainless steel and welded on sanitary nipples.

Upgraded vacuum lines and fresh air distribution.

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Andersen Dairy

Automated Dairy and Waikato Milking Systems would like to thank and congratulate Ben and Alan Andersen and their families for choosing Automated Dairy to install their new 60-Stall Waikato Rotary Parlor.

Automated Dairy designed PLC to run the entire parlor.

SmartSPRAY automatic teat spray system for rotary platforms.

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Wybenga Dairy

Automated Dairy would like to thank Wybenga Dairy, owned and operated by Steve Wybenga, for choosing us to install their new double-60 parallel dairy barn located in Oakley, Idaho.

Fully automated foot bath system with megabridge and bladder gate technology.

Dairy plan herd management software and ethernet per place identification system (PPID).

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Cottonwood Dairy

Automated Dairy would like to thank and congratulate the Sorensen Family of Cottonwood Dairy (Fallon, NV) for choosing us to build and install their new Double-30 Parallel Parlor.

GEA Medallion Cabinet is a sleek way to protect your parlor equipment. It’s engineered for the demands of large commercial dairies.

We installed both the GEA Dematron 70, for faster detach and detach times, and the Metatron Milk Meter which measures the milk quality for each cow.

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Big Island Dairy

Automated Dairy would like to thank Big Island Dairy, owned and operated by the Steve Whitesides from Big Island, Hawaii, for choosing us to install their 4th milking facility.

Magnum Double-30 vertical lift stalls.

Metatron 21 Select with Milk Meters and auto pulse pulsation.

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