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Are you one of those unique people that can be a people person and a mechanical person at the same time?

Do you enjoy being an expert at something?

Do you enjoy taking care of a client’s needs? Do you like anticipating a client’s needs even more?

Would you like to get paid like you work indoors but get to work outdoors?

Our Milk Quality Specialist answer yes to these questions. As a Milk Quality Specialist, you are a partner with our customers providing and maintaining chemicals and supplies for the accounts in your region. You will get to work outdoors on our customer’s dairies, checking and ordering the chemicals and supplies needed to clean milking systems and maintain cow health. Our Milk Quality Specialist get to learn almost every aspect of our business so they can be proactive, catching issues before they happen. Milk Quality Specialist help grow our business by finding new accounts and maintaining great relationships with current ones. Our ideal candidate has been working in the exact or similar role for more than a year and currently has relationships with dairymen.



  • Assist any other Supply Salesperson when assigned with running routes, running washes, going on sales calls, and supply hose changes.
  • Complete all assigned quarterly training assignments by due date.
  • Complete all our dealer’s required training courses.

Skill Development

Successfully complete the following in the first 6 months:

  • Manage and run a route taking correct inventory of supplies used and needed by the dairy.
  • Inspect the milking system for any potential issues and make minor repairs or installs to the chemical system.
  • Run and troubleshoot a wash of the milking system, identifying ways to improve effectiveness through adjustments of time, temperature, chemical balance, volume, velocity, and drainage.
  • Prepare a cold call sheet and bid worksheet.
  • Perform a Titrate Chemical Test

Product Knowledge

  • Pass the following training with an 80% or higher in the first 6 months.
  • GEA Optimal Cow Milking Modules 1 through 9.8
  • GEA Milk Quality Modules 1 through 12
  • GEA Account Management Modules 1 and 2
  • GEA Animal Hygiene Modules 1 through 5


  • Properly wear all required PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for each assigned job. (see ADS PPE Program)
  • Work Drug Free by passing all pre-employment and random given drug tests.
  • Have and maintain a valid driver’s license and acceptable driving record.
  • Safely lift 100 pounds from ground level repeatedly and work with it overhead. (pre-employment physical required)
  • Ability to climb ladders and work at heights. (pre-employment physical required)
  • Ability to walk moderate to long distances and work in all weather conditions. (pre-employment physical required)


  • Use Handshake app to accurately record use and order supplies for assigned dairy.
  • Manage all parts and inventory assigned to you and your company vehicle.

Key Competencies:

· Customer Orientation – The ability and willingness to find out what the customer wants and needs and to act accordingly, taking the organization’s costs and benefits into account.

· Listening – The ability to show one absorbs and understands important (non-) verbal information and to ask further questions when necessary.

· Attention to Detail – The ability to process detailed information effectively and consistently.

· Negotiating – The ability to obtain maximum results from meetings in which interests conflict both in terms of content and maintaining good relations.

· Initiative – The ability to recognize and create opportunities and to act accordingly. Rather starting something then waiting passively for it to happen.

· Problem Analysis – The ability to detect problems, recognize important information, and link various data; to trace potential causes and look for relevant details.

· Planning and Organizing – The ability to determine goals and priorities and to assess the actions, time and resources needed to achieve those goals.

· Integrity – Adherence to the standards, values and rules of conduct associated with one’s position and the culture in which one operates. Being incorruptible.

Cultural Fit:

Automated Dairy and its employees believe and live a set of core values:

  • Positive Attitude
  • Trainable Aptitude
  • Professional Appearance
  • Family First
  • Trust

Technical Skills:

  • Android or iOS
  • Windows
  • Email
  • Mechanically Inclined


  • Bachelors degree preferred.
  • 2 years sales experience preferred.
  • 1-2 years working directly with dairy supplies.

Automated Dairy is a dynamic company known for its open, friendly, and team-oriented work environment. Opportunities for career growth and advancement are highly encouraged for our employees. In addition, Automated Dairy offers a comprehensive benefit package including medical, dental, vision, 401(k) retirement plan with matching, paid time off and paid holidays. Automated Dairy also offers competitive salaries and is an EEO employer.

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