Our patent pending, fully automated pre/post application system tracks each individual cow to precisely spray her as she enters and exits the milk parlor.

What sold me on TURBOSPRAY was the simplicity, reliability and consistency of the system. – Randy Vandertuig, Skyline Dairy

  • Consistent Application

    • Reliable
    • Ensures teat and udder protection
  • Reduce Labor

    • Manage Operation Costs
    • Less Employee Turnover
  • Increase Throughput

    • Add more cows
    • Finish shifts faster

TURBOSPRAY can be retrofitted into any barn to help fight mastitis, and give you the peace of mind your cows are getting the protection they need.

It’s nice to see that spray hit those cows so consistently, covering the whole udder and keeps things moving really nicely. – Tony Dragt, Milk Maid Dairy

  • Line Parlor and Rotary

    • Pre Spray
    • Post Spray
  • Chemical Options

    • Iodine
    • Peroxide
    • Chlorine Dioxide

TURBOLINK helps make sure your barn is running smoothly

Each of our TURBOSPRAY systems comes standard with this feature

  • Text and email alerts sent to your mobile device

  • Remote Access

  • Check your product usage

  • Maintenance and service requests sent directly to Automated Dairy Technician

 For more information on TURBOSPRAY call 208-308-2905