The TURBOWASH is a standalone system that gives you an automated and cost-effective way to take control of the tank/silo OR pipeline wash systems.

  • Custom settings to optimize wash time

  • Chemicals delivered with precise accuracy

  • Accurate and complete CIP cleaning

  • Sanitizing wash

  • Displays history and temperature trends, milk production, wash cycles. systems bypasses, alarms and more

  • Touchscreen or buttons

TURBOWASH is engineered for maximum versatility which allows the system to be installed into new barns or integrated into existing dairy operations.

The TURBOWASH+ includes all the same functions of the TURBOWASH, plus a tank/silo AND pipeline wash.

  • Multiple add-on features

  • Phone alerts

  • Changes can be made remotely

Options Include:

  • Backflush

  • Deck Wash

  • Floor Flush

Our system dispenses chemicals with precision and accuracy every time ensuring the removal of milk deposits from all contact points and giving your dairy a superior quality product through your pipeline for every milking.

TURBOWASH+ is a vital element for every dairy farmer who wants to achieve the maximum level of quality and profitability. Our system has add-on features that give your parlor a more reliable performance and easier maintenance.

It centralizes the wash up and allows you to see each step of the process more clearly. Automated Dairy’s customer service has been great by helping improve our wash performance as a client dairy.

The TURBOWASH MAX is the gold standard in complete dairy automation. It performs all the same functions of our other systems plus much more.

  • Control monitor milk storage and pipeline wash

  • Report on all monitored systems

  • Recorded data can be accessed remotely

  • Control fans, misters, crowd gates, flowmeters, water storage and footbath

  • Upgrades are limitless

  • Touchscreen or buttons

This top of the line system is designed, engineered and manufactured with the specifics you need to ensure your dairy runs efficiently. You can be assured that they will be done right, virtually eliminating human error from the equation.

Our engineers will create the TURBOWASH MAX for your unique parlor no matter the size of the operation. They are simple to operate, user friendly and powerful enough to conform to any dairy.

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