Automated Dairy is your local dealer for Teatwand by OnFarm Solutions

Teatwand is an effective and reliable teat sprayer that allows you to confidently make your rotary dairy a one person operation.

“Like anything we do on the dairy so much of it is repetition and being able to have that same thing done correctly each and every time it has a spill over effect.” 

-Craig Caballero

The concept behind Teatwand is to deliver teat spray evenly to all four teats

  • Extends 20 inches which enables the arm to extend beyond the front teats

  • Delivers teat spray accurately to all four teats

  • Uses it’s movement and the movement of the platform to deliver 100% teat coverage on all sides

  • Varying amounts of product dosages can be applied

  • The spray nozzle is self- cleaning, so dirt and fecal matter will not block the nozzle.

The Teatwand offers highly accurate yet affordable solution to automatic teat spraying on a rotary dairy milking platform

  • Labor Savings

  • Simplicity

  • Reliable

  • Low Maintenance Costs

  • Longevity

“We decided on the Teatwand because of its reliability. Whether it’s day or night I know the Teatwand is doing its job even if I’m not at the dairy. The cost savings have been great too because we now have one less employee per shift.”

-California Dairyman

The patent stems around the unique spring arm which prevents any damage to animal or machine if the cow inadvertently kicks the Teatwand when it is extended

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