The Automated Dairy team converted R&R Dairy, in Jerome, Idaho, from a double-12 herringbone to a double-20 parallel.

Key Features

  • Classic 300E

    • direct milk flow without unnecessary detours
    • durable and resistant to acids impacts
    • specialized cluster for narrower teat configurations
  • BouMatic Hi-Flo Evolution Pulsator

    • unique patented design for efficient and reliable milking
    • minimal parts and simple design
    • electrical contacts are protected and water tight
  • milkrite InterPuls ACRsmart

    • advanced pulsation and stimulation control
    • advanced cluster removal
    • less over milking
  • Mueller LS30-10

    • polished stainless steel cabinets prevent corrosion and contamination
    • discharge water is monitored, controlled and displayed for operator interface with digital temperature indicator
    • increased refrigeration capacity and fast, efficient cooling

    • control and monitor milk storage and pipeline wash
    • recorded data accessed remotely
    • accurate and complete CIP cleaning

Other Features

Fresh air lines, pulsation controllers, 3″ sanitary dual milk lines, milk receiver group, 150 gallon milk/wash vat, plate cooler, and Turner stalls.