In 2017, Automated Dairy installed a 80-Stall BouMatic XCALIBUR 360EX rotary at Pacheco Dairy in Tulare, California.

Built for continuous, around-the-clock milking, the Xcalibur 360EX is ruggedly built and precision engineered to deliver unrivaled throughput and maximum efficiency for the dairy operation.

  • Cow Comfort

    Low profile cabinets, concrete deck and a well designed entrance/exit make each cow comfortable

  • Less Downtime

    The Xcalibur’s rugged electric drive will keep the platform turning reliably

  • Integrated Console

    Key milking components are within easy reach of the operators and protected


The inventive and user-friendly SmartLite detacher, combines highly accurate detaching with an extensive management functionality, that enables you to improve your overall milking routine.

  • Clear milking status information
  • Economical
  • Accuracy
  • Simplicity and convenience
  • Compatibility
  • Adaptable
  • Easy installation