Automated Dairy converted a double-12 herringbone to a double-15 parallel parlor at Mayo Dairy in Fruitland, Idaho.

This is my fifth barn remodel and the Automated Dairy crew is definitely the most thorough that I have seen. They pay a lot of attention to small details. -Matt Mayo, owner

Key Features

Milk Meters- iMilk600, Pulsators- LE30, Turner Rapid Release Stalls, No Touch System, Daily Milk Meters, Herd Health Tracking

This is one way we are trying to get better and improve our operation.

Other Features

  • Pro Chiller Systems V Scroll Series Chiller

  • AT-20 DFM Mueller Plate Cooler

  • GEA Control Compass Plus

  • 150 Gal Milk/Wash Vat

  • Ear Tag ID System

  • Custom Stainless Steel Piping