Automated Dairy remodeled Liberty Jersey Farm in Fallon, Nevada, owned by Ted Christoph, from a double-10 herringbone to a double-19 parallel.


GEA Features

  • DemaTron 70

    • Central start and clean: push on button to start milk wash or wash mode for the whole parlor
    • Reattach/manual milk capability: for handling of special cows
    • Vacuum on delay: better vacuum stability
  • Apex M Pulsator

    • Excellent reliability and longevity under extreme conditions
    • Low energy consumption due to new electronic control units
    • Puls rate and puls ratio are easily adaptable without changing parts
    • C-phase can be prolonged by up to 3% compared to older models
  • Metatron 21 Milk Meter

    • Health monitoring through display of variations in milking yield and conductivity
    • Animal data avaliable in the milking parlor
    • Controls milking parlor feeding and forwards sorting commands to the correct position
    • Accurate, ICAR approved milking performance measurement
  • Remote Start Button

    • Illuminated green button for starting and stopping the milking proces

Other Features

  • TURBOSPRAY: Fully automated pre/post system that tracks cows as they enter or exit the parlor

    • Consistent application
      -allows for longer kill time and improves teat condition
    • Labor efficiency
      -manage operation costs
      -employee retention
      -reduce labor
    • Increase throughput
      -add more cows
      -finish shifts faster
      -engineered for uninterrupted cow flow
  • Stalls

    • 19 individual stalls
    • Equipped with individual I.D.
  • Milk Receiver

  • CIP Racks