Local Dairyman Praises Automated Dairy for Remodel

When Herkie and Whitney Alves bought their first dairy in Filer, Idaho, HayDel Dairy, it was rundown and in need of major upgrades. Three years later the Alves with the help of Automated Dairy completed a major remodel of their barn.

“We have been with Automated Dairy for seven years and they have always taken care of us,” said Whitney Alves. “Cows are more comfortable, employees are happier, and we enjoy coming in here every day.”

A 50-year-old barn was transformed as Automated Dairy installed GEA Apex AutoPuls Apex Z pulsators, milk wash vat with variable speed drive, and numerous other products to help with the automation of Hay-Del Dairy.

The Alves credit one salesman in particular with helping make the remodeling process easy and introducing the family to different automation products.

“I’ve said it a million times, Josh Prince at Automated, is probably the number one guy that keeps us there. He takes care of us and he is always willing to help,” said Herkie Alves.

The Alves also gave praise to the install crew at Automated Dairy who they say worked tirelessly to complete the remodel quickly.

“They came in and never missed a beat, they were quick, plenty of guys here and everything was done on time,” said Herkie. “Automated Dairy got the EPIC in first and the wash VAT system done and then on remodel day they were in the barn getting pipelines moved and pulsation done. It was quick and they did a great job.”

One of the pieces of equipment that Herkie and Whitney Alves are most impressed with is the EPIC. Automated Dairy’s PLC has become the gold standard for complete dairy automation and at Hay-Del Dairy they are taking full advantage of the system.

“The EPIC is a one stop system to run everything and I’ve been excited to use it. It washes the tanks, washes the barn, it has temperature control, and everything is at your fingertips,” said Herkie. “You can check on the parlor when you aren’t around, so it’s been a big addition and a system we really like.”

The Alves family says the remodel of the Hay-Del Dairy barn was just one of many steps in making their dairy more automated. The family has already built a calf barn with a robotic feeder, and they hope to add more robotics to their dairy in the future.

“We are trying to take care of our cows and have them produce milk the fastest and easiest way,” says Herkie.