The GEA AutoRotor™ PerFormer CX360 is taking rotary parlor innovation to the next level with its sleek new design, increased labor efficiency, and improved cow comfort.

  • 24 to 80 milking stalls

  • PosiGuide: the hose guidance for easy attachment and trouble-free milking

  • PosiForm: guide arm for raising and lowering of the milking cluster for improved working ergonomics and hygiene

  • PosiGuide and PosiForm: integrated roller rope guide for a gentle and reliable rope use

  • DeMax milk controller units for reliable automatic take-off

  • Metatron/DemaTron milk controller units for professional milking parlor management and exact measurement of the milk volume

Features (cont.)

With above and below the deck performance, AutoRotor™ PerFormer CX360 features a revolutionary roller system that keeps the platform on-center milking after milking, reducing friction, extending roller longevity, and reducing maintenance needs.

  • Minimized labor costs through lower amount of work needed

  • Relaxed animal traffic and top throughput performance at the same time

  • Animal-friendly designed frame with generous standing areas

  • Closed cabinet for the protection of all the milking components

  • Surface-sealed, slip-free concrete platform with secure footing

  • Low maintenance equipment for high running and long life

  • Fold-down CIP Wash System

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