Monitoring Your Herd 24/7

Health monitoring and heat detection are essential components to a profitable and productive dairy herd.

The Power of CowScout

  • Constant heat monitoring and display of the optimal insemination time

  • Notification of reduced eating times to enable early detection of health problems

  • Displays time spent for lying, standing and walking

  • Reliable animal identification in the milking parlor

  • Data can be accessed anytime and anywhere

CowScout combines health monitoring and heat detection in an easy-to-use animal monitoring system designed to immediately alert you when individual animals deviate from their normal behavioral patterns.

  • Increased revenues and lower reproduction costs

  • Healthier cows

  • Labor Savings

  • Saves time and simplifies work organization

  • Low maintenance costs

Get accurate heat detection and valuable eating time data to better manage your herd.

Accurate heat detection — the CowScout neck tag monitors cow activity and identifies neck movements, such as sniffing and chin resting that indicate if a cow is in heat 24/7. With this real-time data, cows in heat can be properly identified allowing for improved insemination results, more pregnancies, shorter calving intervals and reduced insemination costs—all with reduced labor input.

Eating time — the CowScout neck tag is able to detect specific movement patterns related to forage intake and, therefore, record the time individual cows spend eating. Changes in eating behavior may indicate potential health problems and lameness. Eating time data allows you to identify sick cows at an earlier date—helping to minimize treatment costs and drops in milk production.

CowScout Neck is the ideal solution to help you to optimize both fertility management and feeding management for your herd. The right choice for long-term high performance!

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