“We were having problems with somatic cells and mastitis so it has really helped a lot in that area,”– Ken Boer


  • Helping Reduce Mastitis

    The benefits of the ADF milking system start immediately post milking by protecting the teat at the right time, every time.

  • Saves You Time

    Because the ADF system is designed to further automate the milking process you can make substantial time savings and increase parlour efficiency.

  • Saves You Money

    Reducing time and labor in the milking parlor, keeping your herd healthy and increasing milk yields adds up to massive financial savings.

  • The Flexible Solution

    The ADF milking system is easily installed on any make or type of milking parlor, either new or existing. Installation is carried out between milking with the minimum of disruption to your routine.

“We’ve been with Automated Dairy for a long time and we’ve always had a good relationship with them. They do a good job on all our repairs, service, everything that we need and they do a good job servicing the new system,”– Ken Boer

  • End Of Milking

    At the end of milking the vacuum is shut off and the teat dip is injected into the manifold of the claw.

  • Dip Applied To Entire Teat

    Teat dip is accurately applied to the teat as the teat cup is withdrawn by the ACR.

  • Teat Dipped and Protected

    Within seconds of milking being completed, vulnerable teats are coated in dip.

  • Cleaning Process Commences

    Every liner is disinfected and then thoroughly rinsed with clean water.

  • Cluster Ready For Next Cow

    Teat cups are clean, free of contamination and ready for the next cow.

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