Consistency – Use EPIC to control and monitor your milk storage and pipeline wash as well as other vital process’ in your dairy’s daily operation. By doing so you can be assured that they will be done right every time, virtually eliminating “human error” from the equation.

Information – EPIC can provide you valuable information and report on all of your monitored systems. EPIC maintains a history of such key indicators as: milk temperature, water temperature, total milk production, wash cycles, system bypasses, alarms and many more.

Proactive Control – When system conditions don’t meet EPIC’s defined operating standards, you are immediately notified. By catching problems while they are still minor you can prevent them from becoming large and costly.

Optimization – EPIC controlled systems can be monitored and adjusted to ensure optimal performance. Milk system wash up duration can be reduced while still ensuring a complete cleaning of your systems. This will maximize your dairy’s production time and at the same time help you maintain high milk quality.

Security – EPIC’s built in security features allow you to give differing levels of system control to your key personnel. This gives your managers the control they need but prevents others from bypassing alarms or skipping key processes. EPIC can also alert you of problems or conditions whether you are at the barn or on the golf course.