Mr. Higley began in very humble circumstances. He learned from an early age that success in life requires sacrifice, hard work, and self-discipline. Mr. Higley is a family man, and his business reflects this attribute. The average tenure of ADS’s over 130 employees is 11 years.

Mr. Higley was raised in Corona, California where he discovered his love for agriculture. He worked tirelessly through grade school and high school milking cows twice a day, caring for calves, and helping his entrepreneurial father support the family. After graduating high school, he served a two-year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, where he used the skills he acquired as a young man to serve the people in the New England States.

Following his return home, Jerry met Susan (Tidwell) Higley, and after a courtship they were married in the summer of 1976. That fall Mr. and Mrs. Higley moved to Logan, Utah so Mr. Higley could attend Utah State University and study Agriculture Economics. He went to school full time, worked full time, and by the spring of 1980 he not only graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Economics with an emphasis on Agriculture, but he and his wife also had two children.
After graduation, Mr. Higley purchased the Snow Meadow Dairy in Hyrum, Utah. He managed this dairy personally and within two years this business became the second highest producing and most profitable dairy in Utah.
In 1982 Mr. and Mrs. Higley sold Snow Meadow Dairy and Mr. Higley went to work for Westfalia (a world-wide dairy manufacturer). He soon rose up the business ladder and within four years he was promoted to regional representative for the company covering the 11 western states plus portions of Canada.

In 1986 Mr. and Mrs. Higley decided to purchase a Westfalia franchise/dealership in Chino, California and named the business “Automated Dairy Systems.” Feeling the spirit of his entrepreneurial father, Mr. Higley had a desire to grow his franchise and knew he needed to move once again. With a desire to stay in the agriculture industry, he looked to Idaho for his next move. In 1988 Mr. and Mrs. Higley procured the Surge dealership, retained the name of Automated Dairy Systems (ADS), and moved to Jerome, Idaho.


Automated Dairy/ADS has now grown to over 130 employees with the corporate headquarters located in Jerome, Idaho. Automated Dairy also has offices in Jerome (1988), Nampa (2000), Rupert (2008), and Fallon NV (2014).

Automated Dairy/ADS started its own research and development division where they manufactured a proprietary automated dairy system called EPIC (Electronic Parlor Integration Control). This PLC will allow total access to all a dairy’s daily milking functions, ensuring Consistency and Proactive Control in milking.
Automated Dairy/ADS is concerned with the health of a dairy’s herd and has a division dedicated to complete cow comfort, providing manure maintenance, fan installation, and curtain ventilation divisions.

Automated Dairy/ADS also provides a full dairy chemical, maintenance and service division, a complete dairy installation and remodeling division, and a full electrical division called Electric Express. Each entity has the same goal and approach when analyzing and setting up dairy systems to ensure a balance of fast, safe, gentle, and complete milk harvest.

Providing quality milking equipment and unsurpassed service to dairies, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.